Warby Parker Sunglass Try-On

You guys know I love Warby Parker! This isn't the first time I've featured them, and it sure as hell isn't the last. The brand not only is authentic, but they keep coming out with more and more amazing styles of glasses and sunglasses for optical wearers. 

Although my current glasses aren't Warby Parker, I know, I know...I abandoned them (I'll be back, I always go back), I've been wanting a pair of sunglasses from them for some time. I always wanted Ray Ban's, but since I need prescription, I always felt it was a waste because the logo on the lens would be removed. Alas, Warby Parker to the rescue as always. 

I chose 5 random sunglasses that I thought would either be fun, or would work out for me. I try to pick things I normally wouldn't, just so that I can get outside my bubble. That's exactly what I did with this!

Below are the 5 sunglasses I sent to my home with their FREE home try on! Now, not all their glasses are available to be sent to your house, but this is one of the best parts of the brand. I love that I have the opportunity to try them on, see how they fit, and look on my face, before buying!

Want to know more or try Warby Parker at home as well, click here (affiliate link)!

Now let's get into it!

From left to right: Percey in Striped Sassafras, Piper in Woodland Tortoise, Reilly in Crystal, Haskell in Crystal & Blue Jay, Tilley in Grapefruit Soda.

So which ones are you loving on me? I think I'm into Percey and Haskell the best!

Do you own any Warby Parker sunglasses? Tell me which ones!