Top 17 Indie Polishes of 2017!

Last year I showcased my favorite polishes from 2016, and was immediately excited to share what new polishes I would share within the next year. Throughout the year, I made sure to write down my favorite polishes, because although I didn't buy that many, I knew I'd forget with how many times I change my polish. Well, after a year of not buying as much as the previous year and going to the Nail Polish Convention in NY, I was so stoked to bring some amazing polishes to my favorites post this year. The downside of this is that just like always, indie polishes are limited edition. If you can find them in de-stashes or join the FB groups to find out when they'll come back again, I highly recommend that. 

With all that said, here are my top 17 polishes from this year! Can you guess any of them or brands before reading?


Supernatural Lacquer of course HAS to be on this list. Would it be a nail polish favorites if most, if not all, of Stefanie's creations were listed? While the brand is a favorite in general, because she honestly has the best formula, I cut it down to only 5 polishes for the past year. And yes, this was VERY VERY hard to do. Here they are in no particular order. 

Moon of my Life - This unicorn topcoat is hands down my favorite topper of al time. I have already made a note that when I get married, this will be the polish I am wearing. No doubt about it. This goes from pink, to purple, to blue, to green. It's magical rainbows, in a bottle. I wish I had a backup of this because I try not to use it all the time to ALWAYS have it.

Photosphere - If you follow Supernatural Lacquer like I do, you know that Stefanie came out with Heliosphere a while back and everyone went crazy for it. So because it was limited edition, she went all out this past year making sisters for it. This one has been my absolute favorite. It has a red/green shift, and a TON of flakies (my favorite).

Cosmic Peacock - This one is a fan favorite of most Supernatural Lacquer shoppers, and one I jumped to buy immediately once I saw it. This is the perfect blue to purple polish with flakies. This one is such a gorgeous and prominent shift, and it really does remind me of a peacock feather, especially when you catch the teal/green shift.

Moon's out, Broom's Out - There were a bunch of reds that Stefanie came out with, and this was a hard one for me, but I had to go with this one because of the blue flakies. If you haven't noticed, I'm a sucker for flakies. This is the perfect maroon with color shifting flakies and it looks amazing both glossy and matte! 

Yggdrasil - Oh man, if you told me that I would love a green/olive polish as much as I love this one, I would have laughed at you. But of course Stefanie always makes me like things I would never expect to. This was an automatic win for me the moment I saw the bottle. I actually gasped the moment I saw it on my nails outside. I just played with it under the much going on.


Anchor & Heart Lacquer was truly one brand that I didn't think I'd love even more the second year, but I did. Taryn just keeps getting better and better with each collection and I'm so glad I had the chance to pick some of these up. I'm even more honored that I was actually behind creating one of these creations, that makes it even more special to me! Let's get to the polishes. 

Opal Of My Eye - This is number one out of all the polishes Taryn has ever made and there are 3 reasons. The first one is that my opal stone photo was chosen as inspiration for this polish, so I got to create it with Taryn. She nailed exactly how I envisioned it. Second reason goes with the first, opal is probably my favorite crystal of all time. Third reason is a special one, Taryn actually wore this polish on her wedding day, so that just makes the whole thing extraordinary.

You've Got This - I've been really into nudes lately, but not just any nudes. Taryn has a way of really bringing nudes to life. This polish is a part of her Message In A Bottle series, in which she names polishes after inspirational quotes and phrases. This one not only spoke to me because of the sentiment, but the polish itself is my perfect mannequin manicure.  The perfect nude pink.

Mountain's Melody - This was another collaborative polish that was tied to winning with my opal polish and I'm so glad that it was. This polish surprised me so much and I didn't think I'd love it as much as I did. I loved it so much, out of all my polishes, I chose to wear this one to the NYC Indie Polish Convention. It's the perfect blue with amazing glitters in purple, gold, and coral....with a subtle reddish gold shimmer. UGHHH! 

Winter's Shimmer - Talking about shimmer, wowza this one I KNEW I would love the moment I saw it. It's the perfect pale baby blue with a SERIOUS shimmer in gold I believe. The polish itself is a gorgeous shade, but look at it under the sun or a light, and it takes on a whole new life. It has subtle micro grey glitters, and it's the perfect winter/spring shade for those that don't like a loud polish. 

Blackberry Lemonade - But if you DO like a bright color, this is the one for you. I don't often do yellow polish, but the purple/pink shift in this one just called to me. I picked it up at the Indie Polish Convention and I'm so happy I did. I had this polish on my toes for almost a month and didn't want to take it off. It's the perfect summer color and I just love how bright and cheery it is. It certainly makes you feel happy.


I was late to the Nvr Enuff polishes, but once I got into them, I was obsessed. There are so many that I could have mentioned this past year on my favorites, but I realized that I didn't buy as many of theirs because they are usually just holo polishes, and I'm often bored of that. I will state that one polish (honorable mention), that isn't showcased here that I love is Peace On Earth. Reason behind it not being on here is 1. I JUST got it, 2. it was from Christmas 2016. 

Mystery #4 - I was so so so happy when this mystery was the one to show up in my mailbox. It's the perfect blue to purple to teal, shifting polish. It's not often the gamble of getting a mystery polish works out in your benefit, but when it does, it's magical. Just like this bottle. If you can find this in a stash, I absolutely recommend it. It's the only shifting polish you will ever need, and seriously looks like a faded oil slick.

Mystery #6 - I'm a HUGE teal fan, and I had a lot of them in my life in 2017, but this might have been the best one. Something about it when it was under the sun, just shifted the right way, and had a subtle purple hue to it. My favorite color is blue, but whenever it's mixed with green, I'm just all over it. Although this polish isn't super unique, to me it sold me on how it just looked on my nails and tan hands.


A new brand to this list, and in general in the year 2017, Dimension Nails took over the cruelty free community. Not only is this brand cruelty free, it's vegan and 7 free. Stephanie connected with a couple of cruelty free bloggers in order to collaborate in creating shades for the line.  I was honored to be one of the bloggers to come out with my own shade, along with some of my favorite people: Lex, Nicole, Rebecca, name a few. 

Red Cat-Bear - Of course I had to mention my collaboration color in my favorites. Although this color didn't come out the way I wanted and had planned, I fell in love with it regardless. It's the perfect orange, without being loud or looking like a pumpkin. It's a mix of burnt orange and terracotta. It looks amazing on every single skin ton and I love how much love it got during Halloween! Thankful Stephanie asked to work with me on this.

Mako Shark - As soon as I saw the other shades that people were coming out with, I knew I needed Carolina's shade! This is the perfect teal/blue, that works amazing on it's own, or under stamping. Even better, these polishes marble! If you're a teal polish fan, you need this polish in your life. You can build it up to be darker, or rock it with 2 coats for the perfect evergreen/tealish color you've ever seen.


Since Supernatural Lacquer and Anchor & Heart Lacquer took up most of my favorites the past year, it was really hard to just choose 3 favorites from random brands that really stood out. But then I really thought about it, and these 3 were no brainers. They were seriously some of my favorite polishes from the past year, that they even beat some of the Supernatural Lacquer ones in my top. It's not every day a polish makes it on my nails for over a week, and these did!

Taxi by CBL - This was the most wanted polish from the Indie Polish Convention from NYC. It came in the VIP bag, and was honestly worth the price of the ticket for me. This is the best purple/blue shifting polish because of all the FLAKIES! I mean, just look at the photos above. The flakies are serious chameleons and shift every possible color you could want or need. If this was limited edition, I would honestly get a back up, because it's that good! 

Mystery by LE Polish - Another one I grabbed from Polish Con was this mystery from LE Polish, a brand I had never heard or tried, but Stefanie of Supernatural Lacquer was helping the owner at the booth, and I fell in love with this color. Not only was this color a winner for me, but upon going into the city to hang out with Lex, I got so many compliments on my nail color at Follain. If that doesn't say something, I don't know what does. It's a muted red with a TON of multi colored flakies, even in black, which is why I think it's so amazing.

Monsoon by Nine Zero Lacquer - In general, meeting Jess of Nine Zero Lacquer at Polish Con was a dream! Jess is actually the person that got me into indie polish to begin with, so meeting the person that started this addiction, was pretty surreal. This was actually the polish Jess was wearing at the event and I immediately fell in love. This entire collection is amazing, but again, blue is my favorite color, so I had to get it. The balance between blue and grey is so amazing, that in the sun, this looks so three dimensional. 

There you have it, my top 17 polishes of 2017! 
Are any of these your favorite from the past year? Tell me what yours are.

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