The Best of 2017!

With every new year, comes new favorites. While I'm someone who tends to have favorites throughout the years, it's awesome to explore the brands and products that really out shined all the others within a year. Although I was on a small budget, and kept my shopping to a minimal compared to past years, I still found some products that really ended up being star products. I even have some that have become holy grail!

Enough about all that, let's get into the products themselves!

Clove + Hallow is a brand new brand from 2017, not only for me, but in general. I actually had the pleasure of meeting Sarah at Indie Beauty Expo and immediately fell in love with Jetsetter. I knew I had to try out the brand, and so I did. I bought concealers and Jetsetter in a full size, and got samples of some lipsticks available. I already knew my concealer shade, but if I hadn't, I would have taken advantage of the samples.

The concealers became a huge part of my routine. Instead of using BB cream or foundation, I used these concealers for months as my foundation. They are creamy, don't settle into fine lines, and work so well with my skin. I also LOVE Jetsetter and how blue it is, and that the formula dries matte but doesn't crumble. The lipsticks are great and I wore Ballerina Slippers for a wedding and loved how it was my lip color but better. 

Regardless of using the Clove + Hallow concealers, I re-discovered my love for this Pacifica foundation. It was gifted to me by Nicole of Reasonable Raven, and I always forgot to use it. I think the reason I seriously love it, is because it's a serum foundation and it works exceptionally well with dry skin in the winter season. 

It's a super thin formula, blends really well, but dries work quick with it. It is a little more than I would typically want to pay for a drugstore item, but since you can get it at Ulta, you can use your 20% off coupon, the $5 off coupon, or just wait until the brand is on sale. It's worth it, trust me. Plus, it has SPF, it's a win win!

Continuing with makeup, I finally caved and followed the Kat Von D bandwagon. I had owned the Lolita liquid lipstick in a baby size, so when I heard she was coming out with a blush/eye-shadow in that color, I KNEW I needed it in my life. And so I got it! It was sold out online, so I dragged my bf to Sephora with me, and low and behold, it was not on display, but I asked one of the girls and she got it for me. I was so stoked. 

This has been my ride or die blush and eye-shadow. Whenever I don't know what eye look to do, I do a one shadow look with this. Whenever I don't know what blush to wear, this is my go to. It's the perfect mauve, and overall, the perfect shade. If you don't own this already, and you can find it, get it. It's seriously a must have in every makeup collectors collections. 

This was the year for Witch Baby Soap for me! Regardless of all the amazing brands I tried and used, Witch Baby had my favorite body lotions and scents. Oracle and Moon (January's Ice Moon 2017) Body Butter lasted me all year, 1. because I didn't want to use them up and 2. a little goes a long way, especially with the air whipped formula (my favorite). Oracle absolutely smells like it's reminds me of fresh flowers in a church. The Moon body butter from January was pine scented and it smells like a straight up Christmas tree with a bit of sweetness. 

Although these were my 2 favorite products from the brand, the brand in general is a favorite for 2017 and I'm going to mention some other favorites. For starters, the Witch Baby bath bombs are the BEST! I went through so many this past year, and have replaced Lush with them. I also really enjoy the soaps a LOT, especially since Chris enjoys them and it's hard to please him. Lastly, the body scrubs are so so so good! If you need a good exfoliator, and live for amazing and different scents, Witch Baby Soap is for you!

If you asked me what my favorite soap company was this year, Moonbaby wins hands down. I've used a TON of handmade soaps, and I even mentioned Witch Baby soaps above, but Moonbaby's formula, scents, and overall branding, won me over. I started with just 2, that were gifted to me by the brand, the Carrot face soap, and the Luna soap. I loved both so so so much, that during Black Friday, I made a purchase of a TON of soaps from the brands. 

During Black Friday, I also got some candles from the shop, as I had mentioned earlier in the year that they should start making them. The reason I mentioned this was because they had sent me a baby candle that smelled AMAZING and I never turned it on because I didn't want it to disappear. So finally, they came out with candles, and I got 3. The winter line sold out so quick, but I'm so happy I ended up picking up Bringing Home The Tree, as it smells like the Moon body butter from Witch Baby. It's a favorite within itself.  

I know I mentioned Witch Baby Soap being my favorite body lotions for the year of 2017, but that doesn't mean it was the only one! That's where DollyMoo comes in! I had the pleasure of not only meeting the creator of the brand, but trying out some of the amazing products from the spring line. One of the items was the Awakened Forest body butter, which smells AMAZING (earthy, floral, sweet)!!! The formula is a lot thicker than what I'm used to, but once again, a little goes a long way. 

Since we're on the topic of DollyMoo, I'm going to mention a couple other things I love from the brand. 1. The Rosehip Oil is the best face oil I have EVER used in my entire period of using green beauty. If you need a new oil, you need this item in your life. 2. The soaps are seriously so nourishing, smell amazing and the tangerine oat one is great at exfoliating. 3. Speaking of exfoliation, the tangerine and oat salt scrub is BOMB! If you like a nourishing, but extremely exfoliating scrub, you need this one. Plus, it smells like an orange starburst. 


Although many may think mentioning this product is pointless, it was a big part of my 2017. Front Range Balm actually closed shop in 2017, and that in itself is a very sad and unfortunate thing. But the shop owner scent me a sample of the cuticle balm end of 2016, and I loved it so much, that when she announced she was closing, I asked her to make me a huge batch of the Creme Brulee Cuticle Balm, and she did. 

This is the best cuticle balm/oil/product I have ever used. As many of you know, I can't emphasize enough how important it is to take care of your cuticles, and overall skin around your nails. Whether I had polish on my nails or not, this was always added to my day to day routine. I have one on my nightstand, one in my purse, and one in my nail essentials drawer. This is a must have in my collection and when I run out, it's going to be hard replacing it.

Another nightstand essential is this magical oil blend from Chasin' Unicorns. Although the brand is well known for their skull bath bombs, I actually fell in love with the Lover's Blend essential oil. I diffuse this oil when I'm stressed, sad, or more importantly, can't sleep. It worked so well on me, that even my bf noticed that it helps him wind down and sleep better at times. With so many people constantly looking for a pill to help them sleep, I wanted to make sure I went the natural route. 

This blend is a mixture of rose, jasmine, lavender, and sage. You can also use this in the bath, to de-stress, calm down, and help with depression. I know I could just make my own blend of essential oils, and see what scents I like and work best for me, but the fact that Chasin' Unicorns came up with this blend to help those that need it, only makes me support the company even more. 

Another item I've been loving the scent of is most of the wax melts Moonbeams Wax Metlz has created. It was actually the first brand I got into when it came to wax melts, and it's been the brand I've stuck by since. I have favorites, of course, but out of all of them, Old Gregg is definitely one of them. It smells soooo good and sells out so often, that I just haven't used this one yet because I don't want it to be gone. It's actually a dupe for Lush's Lord Of Misrule, you're welcome. 

Some of my other favorite scents from the past year are the entire moon series, they all smell lovely in their own way. Devil's Rose Jam to me, smells like the ultimate dupe of Rose Jam from Lush. If you're a fan of that scent, you need this wax melt. I Still Believe is another favorite from last year, and once it's back, I'll be getting some more. Moonbeams has a TON of scents available, and if you're ever curious about the scents, there's a page full of all the descriptions. 

This is actually a repeat brand, but a different version of the item that was mentioned in the past. I have been a huge fan of the Yes To brand ever since I got into natural skincare, and have been a huge advocate for the Yes To Cucumber wipes. That was until THESE came into the picture. When they came out, everyone was raving about them, so I knew I needed to get them. Once I found them and tried them, I went back for more. 

The charcoal wipes are seriously the BEST wipes Yes To has ever created. I've tried them all, and nothing compares to these. These remove ALL your makeup, and because of the charcoal, leave your skin feeling squeaky clean. Plus, the fact that these are infused with charcoal, you can rest assured that it's more than just a face wipe, but skincare as well. These are ALWAYS in my cabinet, and I never want the brand to stop making these. 

Of course I had to follow the hype when it came to Define Me Fragrance. Everyone one that I follow in the cruelty free community, raves about this perfume company. And while I still own and love Pinrose and Harvey & Prince, this brand has definitely made it to one of my favorites. Just look at the dent in that bottle. I had to stop using it so much because of how quickly it was going. From the day I got it, up until I got a new perfume from a different brand, I used it EVERY SINGLE DAY! 

This is absolutely a gorgeous perfume, it's sweet and fruity, and sexy. When I put this perfume on, I feel super exotic and enticing. It just has this welcoming and luscious aroma. I love the brand in general, and I'm stoked that a cruelty free and vegan perfume brand is sold at Ulta. They also have mini rollers for sale, that you can actually mix and match scents with. An honorable mention is Payton!

What can I say that I haven't said already about Osea Malibu and their products? Well, I'll try not to repeat myself. The Atmosphere Protection Cream wasn't something I really used until last summer. I was looking for a hydrating lotion that wasn't too heavy. And BOOM! Osea Malibu to the rescue. This lotion is hydrating, works amazing as a primer, and doesn't leave your skin feeling oily or dry. It's as if you splashed water on your face. 

If my opinion doesn't matter to you, how about that of my bf's? This is actually one of the only face lotions he uses on his face. He doesn't like using products on his face, because of the fact that he has perfect skin...but whenever his face is feeling super dry and parched, he asks to use 'the lotion I like'. While it is pricey, both me and my bf used this in the summer, and look at how much product is still left. 

Ugh, this year my lips really suffered. I've always been the type of person to just make my own scrub with sugar and coconut oil, or just brush my lips with my toothbrush, but it just hasn't been what I needed. So this year, I finally caved and bought a lip scrub. Lex of Very Cool Girl Lex recommended this one when we went to an event at Follain, and I'm so happy she did. Not only does this smell of rose, but it actually helps remove all the dead skin, and leaves my lips super hydrated. 

While most scrubs strip your lips from everything, this is gentle enough that it scrubs the dead skin, but leaves an oil/residue on your lips to help them with the damage. While it is a little pricier than what most would spend on a scrub, I can't imagine using anything else. I've tried Lush's and they did NOTHING for me, so if you're in the same boat, try this. 

Now, I know this might be a random favorite, but once you see my empties of 2017, you'll totally get it. Natural toothpaste has been a serious journey for me, and I had almost given up on finding the perfect one. I hated the ones you can typically find at the supermarket (Toms Of Maine, Dr. Bronners), but got a sample of the Hello toothpaste in a Vegan Cuts box. I got the mojito flavor and was intrigued. Upon first use, I was confused and didn't really know how I felt. Since the bottle was a super mini size, I went out and bought a full size. 

Well, that was the end and the beginning. I never turned back and never went back to any conventional or overrated cruelty free brand. Hello became my one and only toothpaste. I love them so much, I even use their kids toothpaste, you read that right! My favorite is definitely the one above, but lately my teeth have been sensitive, so I'll report back on their sensitive formula. 

I know a bunch of you will be like 'are you really sharing this?' and yes, YES I AM! This is actually one of my TOP 3 items of 2017. I debated this for so so so long and after reading reviews, watching videos, and educating myself on it, I finally did it. I can't believe it took me this long to get into the Diva Cup, but I am NEVER looking back. I had planned on writing a post, and I still might if you want it, on the best cruelty free, vegan, and eco friendly items for your period. 

But regardless of that, this item is seriously something I tell my female friends to try all the time. I know it's intimidating, and it might seen gross, but trust me, it's not. I only change it 2 times a day, I don't smell, I am not dirty, and my period is shorter because of how the blood flows. I don't care if this is TMI, this is something many people ignore. The best part about this, you only need to buy it once, and it saves the planet because you aren't polluting it with tampons and pads. Win-win.

Another year, and another collab with Jord Watches! I was so excited when they asked to work together again and I got to pick a watch to add to my collection. This was actually my first choice, out of the 3 I picked, and I'm so happy they sent me this one. It's the perfect every day watch. It goes with every outfit and seriously makes my wrist look super fancy. I love how lightweight it is, and the fact that it's actually made out of wood. I can't get any better than that. 

I always recommend my friends and family support the brand because they're seriously awesome, and come out with amazing products. But my favorite part of the brand is that they work with bloggers of all kinds. My following isn't anything huge, but they still like working with small bloggers. That is something I truly admire. 

Lastly, this might actually be my #1 favorite of the entire year! I loved the rings so much the first batch I bought, that my collection of two, became this! I had to actually stop myself from buying everything from Nightbreed Creations the last year. She just comes out with the most beautiful rings I've ever seen. I have a huge wishlist of items I want, and even want to ask her to make me a custom. My love and appreciation of crystals became a huge obsession when it came to collecting as many of these as I could. 

Since my fingers are actually really thin, it's always been hard to find rings that fit me. The shop owner is the best and messages me whenever she has batches of my size. She's an enabler, but it's totally ok because these belong in my life. I took a serious break from purchasing from the shop, but once I have enough money to support the brand again, my shopping shall commence. 

So there you have it, my top 17 products of 2017! 

Are there any items from my list that are on yours?
If not, what brands/items are you going to check out this year?