My Curent Wish List

As someone who is constantly buying products to showcase on Meet The Maker and my IG account, you would think I'd be buying everything I want. While I wish that was true, I actually try NOT to repeat brand purchases, in order to give other brands, a fair chance. I'm also on a strict buying policy, as the past couple months, money has been tight. I don't splurge on myself often and when I do, it's for the site. 

Regardless, I still have a massive wishlist of things I want and need and maybe, just maybe, will eventually cave and buy. If you told me 5 years ago, I'd be this good at NOT shopping for myself, I'd laugh at you. But here we are, me creating a wishlist on my site, because that's what it is....a wish. Until I'm super rich, and a huge blogger, I will have to live vicariously through people I follow on social media. 

So here we go, the products I am lusting over and REALLY REALLY REALLY want. PS - none are beauty items. 

Photo from  Witch Baby Soap  IG

Photo from Witch Baby Soap IG

Witch Baby just came out with it's summer collection 2 weeks ago and I am OBSESSED with almost everything. Moreso the scrub above, the Magic Beach body oil, and the Heartbreak Hotel Scrub. I'd also get the Elements Bath Potion if I could treat myself. This whole collection is lust worthy, and I am waiting for the day I cave, and just splurge. 

Photo from  Catbird NYC  IG

Photo from Catbird NYC IG

Catbird NYC has been on my list for some time now. All the jewelry is handmade in NYC and my goodness am I tempted to walk in whenever I'm in the city. See, the problem here is that, this is truly a 'treat yo self' item, as it is a pricey one. Hell, I'd even take this as an engagement ring, because that's how drop dead gorgeous it is. I'll just keep drooling at my screen. 

Photo from  Lulus

Photo from Lulus

You know when an item just stalks you and you can't stop seeing it everywhere? That's what happened and continues to happen with this Blank NYC VEGAN Leather Jacket. I first saw it in a haul, then someone I follow on IG, then I caved and just decided to look at the price. Now, $160 isn't that bad, truthfully, BUT, for a 'leather' jacket, this is totally up my alley. I have been scouting for one, but haven't found the one yet, I truly believe because this is it for me. 

Photo from  VANS  Pinterest

Photo from VANS Pinterest

Any person who knows me, or has met me, knows I LOVE Vans. Not only do I love them, but I own way too many pairs. The moment I found out they were coming out with a Peanuts collection, my heart skipped a beat. These Snoopy and Woodstock ones are my favorite, but sadly, they pretty much consist of all suede. If they had been vegan, I truly would have picked them up already. I have no self control when it comes to my favorite things, coming together. 

Photo from  Maiyo  IG

Photo from Maiyo IG

Oh Maiyo Swimwear, one day I will own you and when I do, I will also have an awesome body because there is no way I'm spending this much money on a crochet bikini, looking the way I look right now. And yes, I am judging myself, I've been lazy and none of my shorts from last summer fit me. So until I loose 10 pounds, and get $100 randomly, this will all just be a dream. 

Not mentioned above, but some small things also on my wishlist; a curling iron (tell me what's good), a kayak, a new camera, a personal trainer (because I'm lazy), and lastly, the cruelty free comforter every CF blogger I follow, has mentioned lately. 

So there you have it, things I can't afford, don't need and have talked myself out of buying. Why? Because in the wise words of Tyler Durden, 'The things you own, end up owning you.'