My Birthday Wishlist!

I don't typically want many things for my birthday, or in general. For the most part, when I want something, I typically buy it myself. So why make this post, you ask? Why not is a better question. 

Just because I'm sharing my birthday wishlist doesn't mean I actually need any of this stuff, after all that's why it's called a 'wish' list. I have cut back on buying a lot. Especially on makeup. With the Meet The Maker series, I typically only buy for the site and with buying a new car, money has gotten tight.

With that said, there are moments that I try to treat myself. Birthday's are perfect for that. 

So without further delay, here are the things currently on my wishlist. 

Disclaimer: none of these photos are mine and are properly linked back to the rightful owner. 

It's 1. not a shopping list for Melissa without a nail polish and 2. more specifically a Supernatural Lacquer polish!! This is the Hex Box, which comes out ON my birthday. If that's not a sign that I need it, I don't know what is.  Photo taken by the amazing Cheyenne of @CDBNails143 (website linked).

There are 2 shirts from Into The Soulshine that I have been wanting, but this one is my #1. For one, it's tye die...I mean, how much more could it scream out my name? 2. It's me in a shirt, anyone that knows me would agree. 

1. I'm obsessed with candles, 2. I'm obsessed with unicorns (but who isn't), 3. I'm newly obsessed with crystals. These candles from Unicorn Manor are vegan, and each one of them have crystals to go with their lovely scents. I don't care which ones I get/buy, but I need these in my life. 

I love so much from this shop, and continously love everything they post on IG, but this might be my favorite item thus far. Ophelia Moon Jewelry was at the recent Asbury Park Bazaar event, which brings a bunch of indie makers into one place to sell....obviously I didn't go, because I would have left so so so broke.

Lastly, and most importantly, one of these beautiful things. It seems I always have an item from Lomography, on my wishlist, and with good reasoning. This is their latest Kickstarter Campaign (linked) and even though I debated doing it, I talked myself out of it. Not sure why, I make stupid decisions every day. There's still 6 days left, so maybe I'll talk myself into it again. 

Trust me, my wishlist is longer and there are way more things I want but don't need. These are just the ones I've really been lusting over for the past months. I've obviously lived life without them, so I'm sure I'll continue to survive.

Did I just add anything to your wish list and share anything else you think I might need, so I can add it to my, already ridiculously long, wish list.