What I Brought To Portugal!

If you weren't aware, I was in Portugal for 2 weeks on vacation! When I was packing and planning what to bring, it was simple for me. I know a lot of people struggle with packing their stuff, especially makeup, but in the summer I rarely wear any...so I wasn't really worried. 

I did go overboard with my skincare, but that's just because I am a huge skincare addict and didn't want the change in climate and location, to mess with my skin. 

I kept it simple and convenient, and thought I'd share. Maybe I'll even get you to buy something from here!

As I stated above, in the summer I rarely wear makeup, and it's always the same highlighters and blushes, because they accentuate my tan. I knew I wanted to bring these 2 blushes in particular with me, because they really are my favorite in the summer. The Balm's Hot Mama is a must have in anyone's collection...it's the perfect coral color and it has an amazing sheen to it. ELF's baked blush in Rich Rose is a must have for EVERYONE that is olive skin toned. It absolutely looks amazing on the cheek, as if you just got sun kissed. 

I went a bit crazy with the highlighters....I mean, who needs a whole palette and 2 individual highlighters? I guess I do. I brought my beloved Mary-Lou Manizer from The Balm. I've had this highlighter for a while, and I still haven't seen a dent in it. It's a great subtle highlight that really give you a glow within. On the opposite spectrum, I also brought my ColourPop highlighter in Stole The Show, which is not subtle. This is an icy white highlighter with mild glitter. This one is a favorite and I tend to wear it a lot surprisingly. Lastly, the hyped up Becca X Jaclyn Hill highlighter. I was lucky enough to buy this palette when it was out. I love that it comes with a champagne highlighter, a silver/white highlighter and a bronze blush/blush topper. 

Mascara's are easy for me...I usually only have one open, BUT I am finishing my Perversion mascara from Urban Decay, so I brought that along with me. I recently picked up the Dream Big mascara from Pacifica, and I have to admit, I am obsessed. I love that you can turn the wand to give you the choice of lengthening and thickening. On the topic of mascara, I also brought my beloved Wet N Wild brow mascara. This is seriously a must have in everyone's collection. It doesn't look like you have anything on your eye brows, but it holds them in place and fills them in. 

Brushes are simple for me, as I use the same brushes all the time. My blush brush is from Wet N Wild's recent collection. Honestly, this might be the best blush brush I have ever used/owned. I bought mine at the Dollar Tree, and I wish I had gotten a back up. I also always use the $1 brushes from ELF, on a daily basis. I just brought one, which I use to highlight my brow bone. The other 2 were brushes I received when I had Ipsy. One is from Crown and the other from Luxe Beauty, which is AMAZING!!

I only brought the Urban Decay Naked Palette with me. I've had this palette since it FIRST came out and I haven't hit pan on any of the shadows yet. It's crazy. I only used the palette a couple of times while I was there, and only really used the black and gunmetal colors in the crease to give definition. 

Lastly, I brought a bunch of lippies with me, as I've become a lipstick addict. Alas, I only used these 2 the entire 2 weeks I was there. I'm obsessed with Ofra's liquid lipsticks, despite the horrible experience I had with their customer service. Mocha is one of my favorite colors and I use it all the time, since it's neutral. But Santa Ana from Ofra was the winner the 2 weeks in Portugal. I wore this liquid lipstick all the time, and it suited my olive tan skin so well! I absolutely love it. 

This is going to be my favorite part about this post. I'm seriously so into these products, it's ridiculous. These are some of my absolute FAVORITE brands, and some of my holy grail products. Let's get started with my deodorant choice....if you saw my deodorant post, you know I have a bunch, but I chose to bring LaVanilla with me on this trip. I just know I can trust this deodorant to keep me dry and smelling good. I had no issues with it at all, and I'm glad it's the one I chose to bring with me. 

Perfumes are easy for me, because it's just a grab and go with Harvey Prince. Yes guys, the addiction is very real. I decided to take my #1, Eau So Divine, along with a baby spray Petaly Noir and a mini roller of Cherry Blossom Sakura (limited edition). I went to Portugal with Petaly Noir full, so you can tell I put it to good use. 

Before I get into skincare, I'm going to go a little into detail with my shampoo and conditioner. I've been on a trial and error basis with finding the perfect shampoo and conditioner for myself. I don't have dandruff, but I struggled with an itching scalp. I know it's dry because I shower with really hot water, but I also think it's the oils that my head concoct. Regardless, I found this shampoo and conditioner, from Derma E, have helped TREMENDOUSLY with my itching scalp, dryness and overall feel of my hair and scalp. 

Skincare, oh man...this is going to be long. I wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything important with my skincare. Osea has been the primary brand I've been using within my skincare. The toner is by far my favorite product of theirs, and might possibly be my favorite toner I've ever used. I actually ran out while in Portugal. It was a sad sad day. I also brought the Ocean Cleanser and Ocean Lotion. Both are tried and true. Acure Organics scrub is hands down my favorite face scrub, ever! I can't recommend this enough to all of you, and always tell my friends to get it. Derma E get's so much appraisal, and the more I use their products, the more I believe the hype. This face mask is just a nice face mask to help prevent breakouts and bring down the breakouts that you might have. Lastly, my favorite serum of all time, the S.W. Basics one. My holy grail, my ride or die, my beloved. 

Oh my goodness, I'm tired of just typing this. If you've made it all the way here, 1. thanks for reading, 2. have you tried and of these products and 3. what do you take with you when you travel?

Thanks for reading!