A Month In Review - July Favorites

I didn't do a favorites last month, because I haven't really been using many new products. That, and the fact that I pretty much share any new discoveries on the site or my IG account. With that said, I did have a pretty good month of July with products and wanted to share my favorites. 

There is no theme with this, and yes...it's definitely scattered, but that's how life is. 

Here are my favorites overall, from the month of July. 

I haven't been wearing much makeup, since I'm tan, and don't really feel the need to, but I do have a habit of putting blush and brow mascara regardless. With that said, this is my FAVORITE blush in the summer, with my tan skin. It's the perfect bronzed/rose cheek color, and suits my olive skin ton perfectly. I rarely use other blushes in the summer, because this one is so perfect. Plus, it's so inexpensive and lasts all day. (ELF Baked Blush in Rich Rose)

I've been a huge fan of African Black Soap for some time now. I suffer from a mild case of back acne when I work out. Everyone does...it's no big deal. I finally picked up the bar from Nubian, which I hadn't tried before, but I have sampled the body lotion and really really love it. Well, it goes without saying, I love the soap. The main reason I love it is that it actually doesn't dry out my skin. Too often with African Black Soap, you're skin is extremely dried out, since that's how it get's rid of the acne. But this one....nope, it works really well without stripping you.

Within the past couple years, I haven't really been tan, but I am someone who tans really well. Thankful for my olive complexion. I did get burned earlier this summer because of the music festival, but the few times I've been to the beach this summer, I've gotten more color. A huge reasoning for that, besides the sun obviously, has been the Hang Ten Tanning Oil. I know what you're thinking....that's a really low SPF, trust me, I put suntan lotion as well, right next to the oil in the photo. But alas, thanks to this gem, I got extremely bronzed the last time I was under the sun. Just like a Greek goddess. 

I recently posted about my face mask collection and a new one to my collection that I have seriously become obsessed with is, Derma-e's face mask. Oh my I love this so much and I think it's so well worth the money. I know that I can just buy the Aztec clay and make a similar mask myself, and I probably eventually will, but in general, this mask really helped pull out impurities. 

I don't often share a nail polish favorite, because I tend to change my polish 2-3 times a week. But this month I was blessed to be the owner of Supernatural Lacquer's polish in Heliosphere. Now, the reason I say I was blessed is because this was a limited polish to a nail polish box, and I got someone to sell it to me. This is a lemming for many people, and I totally get why. I will NEVER part with this polish, ever. It's probably my favorite polish Stef has created. 

Not beauty related.....my whole family is in Portugal right now, which means I don't have the pleasure of having my mom spoil me with lunch and dinner. I took it upon myself to finally buy some Amy's dishes, since there are a ton of vegan AND gluten free one's. I went a little crazy, but have seriously fell in love with these two in particular. I'm hoping I don't get sick of them, so I've ventured and bought other dishes to test out the waters....but these 2, oh man, they have my heart. 

Last favorite of the month, and also not beauty related is Stranger Things. Now, many of you that check out my Beauty & Lifestyle section, don't often venture to the Music section, but if you have, you've noticed I posted about the music from this show. That alone is a favorite, but the show in general is a masterpiece. This is by far Netflix's best creation. I have nothing negative to say about it, besides the fact that it was only 8 episodes. I can't wait for the next season, and to see what happens to Will and 11. 

There you have it, my monthly favorites. There aren't many, but the ones that are featured, have really made an impact on my month and year.

Have you tried any of the items I mentioned? If you have, what are your thoughts?

Have you seen Stranger Things? Let me know your thoughts about the show and check out the music post!