My Current Wish List

If it hasn't been obvious yet, I might have a shopping problem and in particular a nail polish shopping problem.

My wish list of items I want but don't need, continues to grow as more and more brands come out with awesome and amazing things. I often tell myself I don't need it, or I have something similar, so I stop myself, but there are times where I seriously debate it for so long, I cave. 

With all that said, I thought I'd feature my current wish list of items I intend on buying, or keep debating buying. 

By now, you should know that Supernatural Lacquer (linked) is one of my favorite nail polish brands. Stef's formula is impeccable and the shades she comes up with are magical. These 2 polishes are releasing tomorrow as customs for FB groups. The FB groups are linked within the photo, so if you are interested in getting either one of these, join the groups! I am definitely not missing these, as they are both colors I voted for! And just look at those damn flakies, be still my heart.

Photo's courtesy of; @cdbnails143 and @mglazer07 (accounts linked)

With Pacifica Beauty's Muse contest around the corner, (vote for my friend Nicole) they have provided customers with discounted package deals. This one caught my eye because I've been wanting to try the mascara since it came out. The total value is $61 for only $30. BUT, I keep talking myself out of it, because I don't NEED it. 

I hate to admit it, but yes, I am one of those people that got suckered into the Becca X Jaclyn Hill collab! I own the first trio that came with Pearl and Champagne Pop (highly acclaimed highlighters) and LOVE it! I've been meaning to try Becca's blushes, and this color, along with the highlighter, are stunning. Shown above is Processco Pop (limited edition) and Pamplemousse (direct link through photo).

Not beauty, and it sure does break the bank, this has been on my wishlist since it first came out. One day I'll splurge and get it....until then, I'll continue to look at other photographer's images using this beautiful thing. If you haven't already seen the results, I highly encourage doing so. 

Some more non beauty items, that have been on my wishlist for a very very very long time. I actually got my ex into this artist, and he bought some pieces. These are my two favorites from Parlor Tattoo Prints (shop linked), and I keep talking myself out of buying them. She has a coupon code right now for 10% off (10SUMMER) and I'm seriously so tempted. 

Last item to be featured today, is this beautiful necklace from a cute Etsy shop, Seize The Nightwhere you can customize the quote on the bar. There are 2 quotes in particular that I've been debating, but one of them I have actually decided to get as a tattoo, so now I know which one to get on the necklace. "Losing all hope was freedom."Fight Club

Those are the current items on my wishlist. I've been really good at talking myself out of purchases the past year, I'm trying to get my money in control and pay off my student loans, but sometimes you just have to treat yourself. 

What's on your current wishlist?

Disclaimer: all photos properly linked.