Brands Giving Back - Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month has always been something I feel strongly about. Not just because I'm a female, with breasts, but for the many reasons so many people are willing to help. It's unfortunate that so many people struggle with this disease, and year after year, we lose so many lives to this battle. I remember watching the episode of 90210, where Brenda thinks she has breast cancer, and it ends up being nothing. And here we are now, years later, and Shannon Doherty, who played Brenda, does in fact have breast cancer. Isn't the universe weird?

I think too often we don't realize the struggle and battle those that have Breast Cancer, go through. Shannon Doherty has been such a great voice and advocate for this, showcasing her diagnoses, her shaved head, her Dr., her struggles. Her, along with many other advocates, brands and non profit organizations, have been making such a change. 

It may seem small to some, but to many, buying brands and shirts and items that donate to the cause, is huge. 

With that said, I wanted to share some brands that are making that change. If you don't buy from any of these brands during the month, please donate on your own!

Drip Drop Nail Paint (direct link) is making it personal and donating to a fellow nail polish lover. The mother struggles with breast cancer, so with each grab bag (3 polishes for $16 plus shipping), she will be donating a $1 and matching the final amount. And how cute are these? All pink related of course, so you can show your support with your money and your nails!

If you don't know by know, S.W. Basics (direct link) is one of my favorite brands. Their Hibiscus Mask has already been featured on the site, so you know I'm only recommending things I like. For the past year, 5% of this sales from this mask, have gone to Keep A Breast. So what are they doing now? Continuing it and offering customers 15% off during the month of October. They are also doing a giveaway, share a photo on social media with this mask on, and you both could win a special treat!

Luxie Beauty (direct link) not only gives back to the animals by being cruelty free, but they have created a specific set to give back to breast cancer. They have partnered up with National Breast Cancer Foundation, to give you a set of 5 brushes, for $48. With this set, 15% of the proceeds from the Letter of Hope set, will go towards the foundation. 

Why, yes, those are nipples. Haha....Zabana Essentials (direct link) had me automatically with these. The moment I saw them, I knew they were for the cause. Teaming up with The Keep A Breast Foundation, these bath bombs at $25 for 2, will have $5 donated with each purchase. These are all natural and vegan and smell like vanilla and citrus. Everyone is addicted to bath bombs, why not buy them for a worthy cause?

I know there are many other brands and companies that are giving back this month, but these are the ones that I really loved, admired and wanted to share with you all. 

If you know of other brands doing a special/promotion for Breast Cancer Awareness this month, please feel free to share in the comments. 

Also, feel free to share stories of your donations, or personal experiences with cancer. 

DISCLAIMER: All photos properly linked to their proper sites.