Top 17 Indie Polishes of 2017!

Last year I showcased my favorite polishes from 2016, and was immediately excited to share what new polishes I would share within the next year. Throughout the year, I made sure to write down my favorite polishes, because although I didn't buy that many, I knew I'd forget with how many times I change my polish. Well, after a year of not buying as much as the previous year and going to the Nail Polish Convention in NY, I was so stoked to bring some amazing polishes to my favorites post this year. The downside of this is that just like always, indie polishes are limited edition. If you can find them in de-stashes or join the FB groups to find out when they'll come back again, I highly recommend that. 

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The Best of 2017!

With every new year, comes new favorites. While I'm someone who tends to have favorites throughout the years, it's awesome to explore the brands and products that really out shined all the others within a year. Although I was on a small budget, and kept my shopping to a minimal compared to past years, I still found some products that really ended up being star products. I even have some that have become holy grail!

Enough about all that, let's get into the products themselves!

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